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     December 8, 2006

DAISEC helps scientists at Delaware State University in CREOSA project.

      November 2006

DAISEC plans on developing new design software for providing more efficient security systems..


 Welcome to DAISEC


DAISEC Associates is a consulting company with creative, talented, enthusiastic and visionary people working together in its mission of providing world-class high-technology customized services in a wide range of industries.

DAISEC provides consulting services in a wide range of applications:

  • Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence

  • Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence

  • Databases, Data Warehouses

  • Software Development, POC

  • Training

We are more than just consultants with experience in advanced data analysis, security and software development. We are people with multidisciplinary backgrounds who can communicate in terms senior managers understand.









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